Keith Riggs

Designing and facilitating collaborations

Process facilitation for individuals, groups & organisations

As an experienced craftsman, designer, action research & facilitation practitioner, I bring the foundational and intercultural experience to work systemically with people in their processes. The changes these last 2 Corona years are an integration process across scales. As we show up for our unique contributions in our process our intentional work brings efficacy. While our sensing of meaning and our purpose may change as we move between jobs, family or friendship clusters grounding ourselves in intentional living allows us to thrive in accord and practice sufficiency as abundance when many around us my feel loss, unlucky and fragile. Opening ourselves in collaborative teams for/with real world challenges builds our capacities for response-able agency and the cascading benefits that come from practices that bring us to enliven our organisations and its ecosystem.

How we practice collaboration is founded on our individual awareness and creative confidence

Collaborations begin to work when individuals feel respected and safe to show their uniqueness, vulnerability and express what they did not have words for. As David Kelley and Tim Brown of IDEO have said, creative confidence begins by acknowledging our fears, holding safe learning spaces, being within the vulnerability of the challenge until it opens. From that being in the pain or problem allows us to co-create what what did not think was possible. Creative Confidence brings joyful play when curiosity moves each person from fear & anxiety to wondering, trying out/awareness learning practice – making a ad-venture and unfolds into appreciation.

Process work happens individually and with the collective across scales and domains.

As each of us check-ins to our next zoom meeting, what is the sense that we bring that allows others to open up and bring their best? What is the quality that comes out when we openly show appreciation instead of hold critical thoughts about another’s project, contributions, presentation or statements?  When we really take a moment to check into how we are in the service of someone else learning edges we open creative potential. When we do this we become more present for ourselves, in complexity and we create additional space for others to be able to excel in co-creative.  Facilitating spaces and processes requires openness and curiosity, a quiet presence, a craftsman’s appreciation of what is in the work and co-leadership skill in collaboration. It can release abundant energy and transform culture when old patterns are holistically integrated.

In Systemic challenges that are complex and dynamic we immerse & anchor ourselves in awareness, appreciation and the stories welling up from all levels in the present.

In field work, conversations and open process teams research and develop maps that are inclusive and whole so that our biases are seen and acknowledged, that our work may come to fit into and inspires others to work for regenerative outcomes.

In complex system change, we know we are doing something good when their is vibrance which is a living system sign of integrative health.

Inspiring people to come together for co-creation in Communities of Practice we can apply ourselves with sensing journeys of local people and place and engage in co-learning with action research and "vertical prototyping" .


Together with my co-leaders, we design and prepare weekend and weeklong workshops and outdoor experiences for teams and small groups who want to work at their next level of contribution.


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We  co-create with your team new integrating experiences for learning organisations and community building

We are experiencing health, economic, social, and climate crisis all at once. Our abilities to be grounded and contribute in all relationships, to each other, in our communities and cities, in our bio-regions on earth define ourselves in every interaction. Let’s step into building fitness and better relationships with who and what we care for and make a difference at every level, in every conversation, in every one of our journeys to create a better world.  

Join us.