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Designing and facilitating collaborations

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How are we bringing more aliveness into everything we do?

In the midst of so much that is shifting, we have the capacity to be in complexity and become more of ourselves in collaborations.

How do we show up to Collaborate? 
The basis for collaboration is trusting that everyone can, is committed to doing their part well in the complex landscape of their professional work. That there is a structure that everyone can rely on of how things get done well and the systems accountability is transparent and co-regulating through healthy relationships. Unspoken gender & race issues, compensation, status and even benefit packages may stay in the shadows but cost human capacity. The model of the music bands creative process helps us see and sense how we weave new cultural fabric with a love of doing together with presence and intentionality.  To discover creative confidence we use playful methods and actioin based learning pathways that invoke curiosity and wonder, and help us move from thinking about stuff to trying out and trying out, ad-venturing and unfolding the potentional that is available when we are present in collaborative agency.

Process work happens individually and with the collective across scales and domains.

As each of us check-ins to our next zoom meeting, what is the sense that we bring that allows others to open up and bring their best? What is the quality that comes out when we show appreciation instead of holding on to stories of conflict or critical thoughts about another’s project, contributions, presentation or statements? Many organisations are obsessed with promoting competition among their organisations and benchmarking performance Between teams. Instead we need to consider how we are treating each person with integrity and dignity. When we take a moment to check into how we are in the service of someone else’s learning edges, we open vast creative potential and share confidence in collaboration instead of competition. Our being present allows us to be much more curios, we can slow down and support with a quiet presence, a craftsman’s appreciation of what is at work and co-leadership skill in collaboration. It can release abundant energy and transform culture when old patterns are holistically integrated.

By attending to the daily challenges that are complex and dynamic we immerse, attune with colleagues and practicing awareness in relationships and appreciate and giving space for emergent capacities.

In field work, conversations and open process teams research and develop maps that are inclusive and whole so that our biases are seen and acknowledged, that our work may come to fit into and inspires others to work for regenerative outcomes.

In complex system change, we know we are doing something good when their is vibrance which is a living system sign of integrative health.

Inspiring people to come together for co-creation in Communities of Practice we can apply ourselves with sensing journeys of local people and place and engage in co-learning with action research and "vertical prototyping" .


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