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Keith Riggs

Design and Co-Creation

Designing and Co-Creating for a Human Centred and a Regenerative World.

How do we need to work now, to be living a sustainable path in 2030? Everything we need is emergent and we understand, the drivers, the governance, the methods and the many people now are developing the will. The SDGs are our guiding principles and we have the intelligence and people to reach all targets. In order to reach sustainable living standards, we need to work for regenerative human - nature eco-systems. In inclusive collaborations, we build new narratives that blur the lines between consumers and producers and allow everyone to learn faster, metabolise negative impacts and transform our societies for a sustainable future.

Systems & Design

A well-designed and created object or communication is a pleasure to experience. It offers a dialogue between its self as a useful object and the user’s awareness without dominating one’s time or intentions. Every product has a lifecycle beginning with the extraction and refinement of materials with machines and ending either as garbage or is mixed with similar materials for lower grade recycling. Businesses that care for the entire lifecycle of the products they make close the resource cycles and ensure that all materials used in the design and production are won back «valorised» into next-generation useful materials. Achieving this integrity of product and service design has several advantages and profits. It includes upstream procurement and downstream sales and service partners in re-working their material, energy and influence flows and helps them become more effective and circular. Circular Business development is by nature change-management. It combines Human Centred/Design Thinking with Systems Practices and Social Transformation Methodologies. It happens in collaboration with everyone along the value chain when customers and partners begin informing the design and production processes it blurs the line between producers and consumers.  Just as in nature the waste of one, becomes the food for the next if the materials are non-toxic to the system and all aspects are locally and community managed. Thanks to the digital transformation, the social and natural sciences and our understanding of eco-systems both in business and in nature we can design, test and build these regenerative futures. 

Collaborating Talent

I work from Impact Hubs and with Collaboratio Helvetica in a professional network including UX/UI designers & developers, dialogue facilitators and social lab partnerships for deep learning and change. This peer network allows me to work «Lean» collaborating with teams and partner organizations. My current sectors of work for UN-SDGs 11-12 #Sustainable Cities-Communities and #Circular Economy include;  local food systems change, reducing traveller impacts, reframing generation ≥55 and accounting tools for sustainable living. 

People & Process

Circular business development begins with telling the stories of company operations, upstream and downstream stakeholders and its mission. But insights come when reframing the stories of materials used, supply flows and processing in a life cycle analysis including human social and environmental impacts. Team members gain insights about their own frameworks through Human Centered Design process for customers. The process supports change management and service design insights together. It’s a collaborative, inclusive and integrating process. 

News and Reports

Facilitation and Consulting for Circular Business Innovation

Keith Riggs is a consultant and facilitator for Circular Economy business development and Eco-product design. He earned a Bachelor degree in Industrial Design in 1994 from California College of Art and completed his first Bachelors degree in History from Willamette University in 1982. As a member of Impact Hub Bern since it opened, he has created, facilitated and hosted events, workshop series, dialogue evenings on topics to do with Circular Economy. He founded and runs OpenIDEO Bern, a meeting place for professionals to talk about open collaboration, contributed as a challenge team coach at OpenIDEO on a global challenge. He has also served as guest lecturer at the Berner Fachhochschule, Business School Lausanne and welcomes each new opportunity to work with people on complex challenges. Graphic works, visualisations, infographics and publications are designed and produced by my wife, Jenny Leibundgut.

Keith Riggs

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