Keith Riggs

Design and Co-Creation

co-creating common ground and growth through dialogue and design

Design and facilitating processes for systemic sensing, researching and learning with individual coaching, dialogues in communities, bringing together organizations and businesses to collaborate for regeneration and resilience.

an individuals potential opens through sensing in their ecosystem

Collaborations begin when individuals become aware of their capacities in co-creation. The 2020 Shelter-in-place "pause" brought home the sensing or our relationships and dependencies. Our relationships and behaviors in systems that hold dependencies are not sustainable. We became aware of that "we are not alone", that 24/7consumption broke us and that we can agile work differently and much better together.

stakeholders develop system practice, maps, active learning process

The Covid 19 pandemic has shown that new constraints like physical distancing and hygiene policies have shifted relationships to customers and revealed systemic dependencies and problems. System mapping & inclusive investigating of the field of practice helps organizations sense and make sense to learn and respond ably.

Communities of practice develop prototypes that engage for co-learning all parts of emerging systems

As we see exiting the shutdown and the systemic inequalities and ignorance of injustices we can begin to notice that the dominant stakeholder groups of well educated whites and conservatives have denied the rights of entire groups of people through taxation, education and policies through passive structural violence. To find and activate new ways forward "Communities of practice" self organize to discover and practice "vertical prototyping" of inclusive and wholistic systems.


Trainer – Facilitator

Workshop Leader
Circular Design-Systems Thinking
Humanity Centered Design
Open Social Innovation
Eco-Product Design + Prototyping


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