Keith Riggs

Design and Co-Creation

Facilitating Collaborations for Circular Economy

Coaching, consulting and workshops with active learning & design thinking processes.

Purposeful Innovation

Your purpose realised in everything you do.

Your innovation process begins by asking; what is your unique purpose? Where do you and your organistion really shine in your eco-system? Why you want to lead a change with Circular Economy innovation process. By spending time to see the current stories and sense deeper into the challenges, to see what is demonstrated in the current activities and operations of your organisation you prepare to align with your sustainable purpose before innovating the processes, the products and services. 


Teams in Eco-systems

Collaborative learning in team begins by listening & sensing why they need to innovate by expressing what they see, do, feel, reflect and influence in their current ways of working. Identifying the pains, gains and wasted assets as well as ways they are awesome in their areas of work. Zooming out they may see how their insights are part of wider system challenges with system mapping and storytelling from each perspective to build insights. The innovation process is adapted as team active learning adventures and will use whatever methods, tools and regular outputting materials are needed to build resonance in their context. The work process builds the creative leadership potential of individuals and the responsiveness and resilence of the larger context at once.

People & Process

The innovation team includes through dialogues, people throughout the company who are committed and energiezed to be part of solutions. Shifting to Circular Business models and inclusive innovation are ways to practice and share learning with short innovation cycle and impact measurements built right into the process.  There are over 100 Swiss companies moving to circular business models in many sectors with fresh products that show circularity builds market resilience and collaborative eco-systems. It begins with opennes and curiousity.

News and Reports

Circular and Smart Business Innovation

I provide coaching, workshops and systematic change using awareness based learning and design thinking methods. I do research and prepare briefings, design presentations that describe the context, cases, and possibilities for organizations and SMEs. I also provide retreats and in team facilitation to build team creativity and confidence using tools that fit the situation and challenges. The complex challenges of transitioning to "closing and shortening the loop" through redesign and business models combined with digital and social transformation processes are fundamental to achieving quality, integrity and lasting outcomes and the learning culture to anticipate future challenges.

Keith Riggs

Facilitating Change – Design Process Lead


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Circular Design-Systems Thinking
Humanity Centered Design
Open Social Innovation
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