Keith Riggs

Designing and facilitating collaborations

Coaching and activities for regenerative living

How do we show up for healthy living in all our relationships? How do we build positive relatedness into everything we experience and do so as to unfold regenerative capacity? We co-create a better world at all scales through regenerative living.

How we collaborate with respect and awareness is the source of wholistic and integrating solutions to both our development and the biggest challenges of our time.

Collaborations begin when individuals become aware and learn their creative confidence through innovation processes and co-creation. We do the work by becoming aware of our agency in systems at different scales and bringing capacities to take part in a healthy way with systemic challenges.

To understand complexity we need to quiet the noise from overlapping challenges and find in commonly held deeper awareness our appreciation and agency

In field work, conversations and open process teams research and develop maps that are whole and inclusive so that our biases are seen and acknowledged that our work may come to fit into and inspires others to work for regenerative outcomes.

In complex system change, we know we are doing something good when their is vibrance which is a living system sign of integrative health.

Inspiring people to come together for co-creation in Communities of Practice we can apply ourselves with sensing journeys of local people and place and engage in co-learning with action research and "vertical prototyping" .


Together with my co-leaders, we design and prepare weekend and weeklong workshops and outdoor experiences for teams and small groups who want to work at their next level of contribution.


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We  co-create with your team new integrating experiences for learning organisations and community building

We are experiencing health, economic, social, and climate crisis all at once. Our abilities to be grounded and contribute in all relationships, to each other, in our communities and cities, in our bio-regions on earth define ourselves in every interaction. Let’s step into building fitness and better relationships with who and what we care for and make a difference at every level, in every conversation, in every one of our journeys to create a better world.  

Join us.