Design and production

After 25 years of designing, prototyping and producing hand crafting home and office products, Keith Riggs is now offering; co-creation, UX research and prototyping for 3D products.

Design Thinking workshops

Design Thinking workshops focus a team's efforts through cycles of research, ideation and sketch prototypes and find new active ways of analyzing, evolving and prototyping new and sustainable products and services.


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my story

my story

Design, prototyping and constructing have been my work for more than twenty five years. I create proposals for; new furniture, products and future service as well as develop workshops for design thinking and active making. My studies in design from the acclaimed California College of Art in San Francisco, CA and from Willamette U. in Oregon in Intellectual History, help me to read user narratives and design the physical UX to fit context and client. My work in the building trades as carpenter, supervisor and later furniture maker as well eleven years as professional ski sports instructor/trainer allow me deep perspectives and hands on experience as to how people learn and integrate themselves through creativity and performance activities. Practicing "continuous" design from: products in context to activating experiences that solve user needs and focus attention is what motivates me. I look forward to every new partnership and work for long lasting products.

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