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Collaborative research and design of complex topics with diverse outputs Facilitating inclusive dialogues for organisational change. Service and system design workshops for innovation of products, services transitioning to circular business processes.

Systems & Design

The change to Circular business strategies and operations is complex and opportunities are unique to each company in their branch. Opportunities are realised in collaborations that engage employees to work with their upstream and downstream partners to reduce waste, redesign products, packaging and processes that build pragmatic solutions. We employ whatever design and innovation tools are needed to fit your situation. From data guided user insights, systems drivers and relationships analysis, then reworking the business models with Service Design Thinking as well as Dialogues Sessions to get unstuck and find effective ways of working to shift and release creativity.


In the last few years, it’s become clear that non-linear approaches to project management better fit today’s complex multi-narrative, layered and circular operations that are interfacing up-stream and down-stream stakeholder is the way that organisations actually work now. To allow this, companies need not just a circular or systems approach to rethinking everything about them but to develop in their workforce, a collective intelligence and awareness building approach To working.  Innovation teams in corporations and midsized companies need social technology processes, prototyping and dev. methods as well as digitalisation and smart systems. The need for integrated working capacities in a continuous creative design eco-system immersed in operations has the potential to help the companies tap into their whole HR creative capacity up and down their operational structure as well as with customers. Teams who practice collaboration from the beginning with a facilitator learn to anticipate their peer’s and customer needs without so much back and forth communications and latent frustration. They practice trust building, sharing of information and tools to help each other and work to meet agreements and deliver with reduced loads and costs. I enjoy working in these «Lean» collaborating teams and provide a range of consulting services, immersive workshops, talks and dialogue sessions to fit your organisational needs and people. 

People & Process

Circular business innovation is about resetting the core intention of the company or organisation beginning by reducing its wasteful and polluting impacts while increasing its intangible assets that generate more efficient value to both customers, partners and shareholders. Closing materials loops and recovering resources in smarter processing reduces waste and dependencies on stocks in volatile markets. At the same same time, product and services owners rethink their value creation process with marketing and production that can inform decisions about investments and company strategy. The innovation work is also transformational because it permeates throughout the company engaging with employees at many levels and supports therefore a mindset shift and spirit of collaboration. Moving to circularity could be the best thing you can do to build resilience and commitment in your company in these challenging times.

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Consulting and Coaching for Circular Business Innovation

I earned my second Bachelors degree in Industrial Design in 1994 from California College of Art in San Francisco and completed my first Bachelor's degree in History from Willamette University in 1982. As a member of Impact Hub Bern since it opened, I've created, facilitated and hosted events, workshop series, dialogue evenings on Circular Economy and innovation. I founded and runs OpenIDEO Bern, a meeting place for professionals to talk about open collaboration, contributed as a challenge team coach at OpenIDEO on a global challenge. As a guest lecturer at the Berner Fachhochschule, Business School Lausanne and Good Festival I've enjoyed facilitating groups to find their own learning paths.

Keith Riggs

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