Keith Riggs

Designing and facilitating collaborations

Individuals and team coaching for regenerative outcomes.

How are your relationships contributing to the health, capacity, and resilience of the people you want to have with you?

Our potential opens by sensing how we collaborate to make lasting impact in our local communities and ecosystems

Collaborations begin when individuals become aware of their capacities in co-creation. Our relationships and behaviors in systems, sometimes bind us into dependencies that are not sustainable. Think of the terms of use you sign so you can use your smartphone. We are challenged collectively and became aware of that "we are not alone", that we need to choose to regenerate our world along with ourselves.

stakeholders develop system practice, maps, active learning process

The Covid 19 pandemic has shown that new constraints like physical distancing and hygiene policies have shifted relationships to customers and revealed systemic dependencies and problems. System mapping & inclusive investigating of the field of practice helps organizations sense and make sense to learn and respond ably.

Communities of practice develop prototypes that engage for co-learning all parts of emerging systems

Inspiring people come together and co-create in "Communities of Practice" that are applied with local people and place via action research and "vertical prototyping" of inclusive whole systems. Essential vibrance is a sign of integrative health.


Together with my co-leaders, we design and prepare weekend and weeklong workshops and outdoor experiences for teams and small groups who want to work at their next level of contribution.


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We  co-create with your team new integrating experiences for learning organisations and community building

We are experiencing health, economic, social, and climate crisis all at once. Our abilities to be grounded and contribute in all relationships, to each other, in our communities and cities, in our bio-regions on earth define ourselves in every interaction. Let’s step into building fitness and better relationships with who and what we care for and make a difference at every level, in every conversation, in every one of our journeys to create a better world.  

Join us.