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Design and Facilitation to help organisations build new capabilities with Circular business innovation.

The image is a metaphor for our current situation in organisations. The seeds of change are under pressure but full of growth potential in collaborative networks. Keith Riggs facilitates teams and start-ups in innovation processes such as Service Design, systems mapping, and iterative development of products and services.

Designing Between Systems

Design is the business of translating value between systems such as cultural meaning as products into profits. For products to be sustainable today the design process must include life-cycle-analysis a materials passport showing where and how the materials are made or grown and what will happen when it is no longer wanted. Responsible design means thinking of how it will affect our grand-children and engineering for second lives until disassembly and return. It has never been a more interesting time to work intentionally for better products and service for people, planet and good business practices.



Collaborating Talents

The design process for Circular business development is complex and works best in flat collaboration with experts and stakeholders. Working at Impact Hubs in a network of experienced professionals allows me to build and facilitate projects with small teams specific for each project. We are curious, passionate and eager to innovate and co-create with you.

Facilitating People to Innovate

I’ve design home products since the ’90s and for the last two years using methods such as Design Thinking, Systems and Service Design mapping and product design practices in workshops and consulting. It’s been great working with companies like Aplantis.ch in Bern to develop new products for LuWaSA shown at the 2018 Designer’s Saturday.  I coached Hugh Welden of evocco.com on the UX/UI of their award-winning carbon counter App for shoppers. Recently, I enjoyed the role of mentor with a team at Internation Trade Centers CDP operations to innovate their core operations processes. I also initiate on complex challenges with systems thinking, dialogue spaces and social lab developments with Collaboratio Helvetica.

News and Reports

Facilitation and Consulting for Circular Business Innovation

Keith Riggs is a consultant and facilitator for Circular Economy business development and Eco-product design. He earned a Bachelor degree in Industrial Design in 1994 from California College of Art and completed his first Bachelors degree in History from Willamette University in 1982. As a member of Impact Hub Bern since it opened, he has created, facilitated and hosted events, workshop series, dialogue evenings on topics to do with Circular Economy. He founded and runs OpenIDEO Bern, a meeting place for professionals to talk about open collaboration, contributed as a challenge team coach at OpenIDEO on a global challenge. He has also served as guest lecturer at the Berner Fachhochschule, Business School Lausanne and welcomes each new opportunity to work with people on complex challenges. Graphic works, visualisations, infographics and publications are designed and produced by my wife, Jenny Leibundgut. www.leibundgutdesign.ch

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